Hunterton Farm

Harrisburg Sale 2017

7Angry Eyes Father Patrick Aiken For Clay FTrotter
51Rocher Kemp Trixton Distaff FTrotter
124Rapine Trixton Pine For Her CTrotter
127Forbidden Trade Kadabra Pure Ivory CTrotter
192Tourist Attraction Kadabra World Tour CTrotter
200Tymal All Revvedup Kadabra All Filled Up FTrotter
209Stolen Dance Muscle Hill Angelina Chip FTrotter
218Honeysuckle Kadabra Arbor Hanover FTrotter
270Tymal Conabra Kadabra Conway Connie CTrotter
272Rhythmic Kemp Kadabra Credit To Elgin FTrotter
516Ondine Wishing Stone Village Ballet CTrotter
672Tymal Illhavewings Archangel I'll Wait For You CTrotter
758Tymal Gabriel Archangel Tymal Independence CTrotter
796In The Will Royalty For Life Rare Gift CTrotter
811Romeo Kemp Royalty For Life Sarafina Hall CTrotter
848Surmount Cantab Hall Starcelona FTrotter
858Southern Style Muscle Mass Sunshine Glide CTrotter
883Tymal Royalty Royalty For Life Nelly FTrotter
180Sports Charm Sportswriter Western Charmer CPacer
230Wordsmith Well Said Barefoot Beauty CPacer
306Recurring Sweet Lou Frankie's Dream CPacer
314Three Grand Mach Three Grand Tour CPacer
371Sports Scene Sportswriter Love Scene CPacer
427Passionate Prince Mach Three Passionate Beauty CPacer
455Temperance Wick Captaintreacherous Rodena FPacer
546Genuine Am A Rocknroll Dance Art Sale FPacer
579Fixed Idea Big Jim Calchips Artist CPacer
581Campus Queen Sportswriter Campus Flirt FPacer
587Katie Caught Art Major Catch Me Katie FPacer
646Granderson Am Bettor's Delight For The Goodrhymes CPacer
660Bro Rock N Roll Heaven Gro CPacer
716Tymal Majorette Mach Three Major Girl FPacer
752Cliffhanger Vintage Master Mystery Game CPacer
754Time To Dance A Rocknroll Dance Mystical Gypsy CPacer
823Bettorshesgone Bettor's Delight She's Long Gone FPacer
851Action All Star Big Jim Stonebridge Breeze CPacer
854Slap Back Echo Rock N Roll Heaven Student Driver CPacer
911Conscience Free So Surreal Cristinella Bella FPacer

Ohio Select Sale 2017

17Roscoe VillageBroadway HallAbbey CraigCTrotter
18OpportunistDejarmbroAbc EasterCTrotter
24Fifth ThirdDejarmbroCash CowFTrotter
27Pink FlowersDejarmbroAndover BabeFTrotter
65Touch Of BlingDejarmbroChelsea HallFTrotter
67WilloughbyDejarmbroClassical MaryCTrotter
180Fort MeigsTriumphant CaviarAlly HallCTrotter
196AdirondackManofmanymissionsPrettysydney RidgeFTrotter
229Back SplashTriumphant CaviarSplashaboutFTrotter
231ShahbazBroadway HallSpringaroundCTrotter
19Captain CalPet RockAce Hi AnnieCPacer
35Be Not NobodyMcardleB IntensifiedFPacer
52Dragon RulerDragon AgainCanary IslandCPacer
58ThaneeyaMcardleNuke's Last DreamFPacer
98TwinsburgMcardleFastidious HanoverFPacer
137Bridgers PassPet RockLifes A TripFPacer

Lexington Sale 2017

30Mercedes TalmaKadabraChristina MFTrotter
64BoldnessMuscle HillMy Favorite ChipCTrotter
77Primary TargetMuscle HillSouthwind SerenaFTrotter
87BrimfullCredit WinnerStrong TeaFTrotter
89Mischief ManagedMuscle HillSusie's MagicCTrotter
119Allaire FilleFather PatrickSouthwind AllaireFTrotter
128Guarantee AmMuscle HillBeauty Of GrayCTrotter
129Graceful AmMuscle HillBelgraviaFTrotter
132Grace AmCantab HallBlurFTrotter
183Canta BellaCantab HallLove My MusclesFTrotter
195Dark As A PocketTrixtonMariongotchocolateFTrotter
198PreheatExplosive MatterMeucci MadnessFTrotter
232Pilot DiscretionMuscle HillSelf IndulgentCTrotter
264Shee LaCantab HallVictory BouquetFTrotter
268Taylor JetKadabraWheely QuickCTrotter
270General AlarmYankee GlideWinkys VoloCTrotter
293Olympic GoalDonato HanoverBewitching BeautyCTrotter
302Before The WindTrixtonCalchips FinisherCTrotter
309If You PleaseTrixtonDiana HallFTrotter
341Faithful MissYankee GlideIn Good FaithFTrotter
380Tiger's TankDonato HanoverOnly LonelyFTrotter
394Thru The WicketsKadabraResortfulFTrotter
406Rendezvous KempTrixtonSmarty Had A PartyFTrotter
410Trick Or TreatTrixtonStage FrightFTrotter
414Just A TadDonato HanoverTady's ComerCTrotter
421BomboneraTrixtonToo Good For YouFTrotter
429Hold My HeartTrixtonYankee ValentineCTrotter
437La PazConway HallAcapulco HallFTrotter
441Shocking BlueAndover HallAngela HallFTrotter
442MettleTrixtonAngelette HanoverCTrotter
445Twice The FoolTrixtonApril FoolingCTrotter
451TootickyTrixtonOh Oh Its MagicFTrotter
464Mr SmeadConway HallCum Laude HallCTrotter
487Dream StopYankee GlideInvincible DreamCTrotter
493Muscle MasterMuscle MassiveJust For FunCTrotter
503Andovers AssetAndover HallLivelyCTrotter
508Something SpicyExplosive MatterMachitaFTrotter
516Ace BiDonato HanoverMerida BiCTrotter
517Eau ClaireCantab HallMiss WisconsinFTrotter
518CardinaleCantab HallMississippi BeautyFTrotter
520Sleep InExplosive MatterMisty MollymorningCTrotter
531Azzurra BiYankee GlideOctavia BiFTrotter
541JoplinYankee GlideSilver ThatchFTrotter
564Radical KempYankee GlideArmbro WaikikiCTrotter
575Remarkably TypicalExplosive MatterClassic N LindyFTrotter
577Susie HallConway HallConnie HallFTrotter
595Amico Mio BiDonato HanoverLapponiaCTrotter
596BtrsafethansorryYankee GlideLeilaCTrotter
618KnopflerYankee GlideNepenthaCTrotter
620Mrs Cee JayCash HallOaklea QuillFTrotter
631Mister JayConway HallRucoucouCTrotter
641LapoYankee GlideTerrific DreamCTrotter
11Lu's IllusionSweet LouArtistic VisionFPacer
12Yacht WeekSomebeachsomewhereAuniqueaquistionCPacer
25CulebraCaptaintreacherousCaptiva IslandCPacer
92As Time Goes ByCaptaintreacherousTime N AgainFPacer
137DbaSweet LouCathedra Dot ComCPacer
166Jupiter IslandAmerican IdealHobe SoundCPacer
200Miliondolar BeautyArt MajorMilliondollarsmileFPacer
205Heroic ModeCaptaintreacherousMoonlit DragonCPacer
210Fast Neat AverageCaptaintreacherousOn The CatwalkCPacer
212SewonandsewforthArt MajorParlee BeachFPacer
222Disorganized FunAmerican IdealPreppy Party GirlCPacer
250Summory ViewCaptaintreacherousSummertime LeaCPacer
253American MercuryAmerican IdealTessa HanoverCPacer
258Military SecretCaptaintreacherousTurnoffthelightsCPacer
278Another Beach DaySomebeachsomewhereAnother DelightFPacer
288Passion StruckWestern IdealStonebridge BeautyFPacer
340Mach WestMach ThreeImawesternladyCPacer
461Sweet TreacheryCaptaintreacherousCity DelightFPacer
525SalutationSportswriterThereal IdealFPacer
532Sugar ShockSweet LouBe Bop A LulaCPacer
552Stay CrunchyRoll With JoeMrs NoceCPacer
562VirginiteAlways A VirginVegemiteFPacer
608RoughcutMcardleMiss ScarlettCPacer

Bloodedhorse Sale

213WichtigManofmanymissionsBring Er InCTrotter
290Decisive WinnerDejarmbroPlatnum LindyCTrotter
109Walla WallaWestern VintageMoonlit BayCPacer
126IncessantBig Bad JohnPresistenceCPacer
183AkronMc CardleWestern Top CatCPacer
231ChillicothePet RockDetermination PlusCPacer