Deo Volente

Lexington Sale 2021

HipNamePaddock VideoInspection VideoSireDamSexGait
8Rising Star DeoPaddock VideoLazarus NWorldly BeautyCPacer
65Captain BatboyPaddock VideoCaptaintreacherousGiver To ErCPacer
69Up Your DeoPaddock VideoWalnerGrand StandCTrotter
95Rampage DeoPaddock VideoChapter SevenPandora's BoxCTrotter
152Nirvana DeoPaddock VideoMuscle HillYalta HanoverFTrotter
201Our Baby DeoPaddock VideoLazarus NDaut FullCPacer
261Das DeoPaddock VideoCaptaintreacherousLissanCPacer
262Deo SolesPaddock VideoAlways B MikiLittle Miss KFPacer
300Zach's LouPaddock VideoSweet LouPerplexedCPacer
335Ammie DeoPaddock VideoCaptaintreacherousStairwaytothestarsFPacer
358Dismas DeoPaddock VideoSweet LouTimberCPacer
373In Your Dreams DeoPaddock VideoTrixtonWoke Up DreamingFTrotter
401Carter Michael DeoPaddock VideoInternational MoniBrigham DreamCTrotter
445Bettor DeoPaddock VideoBettor's DelightFull PictureCPacer
538Zenith DeoPaddock VideoLazarus NPeaceful DeoCPacer
569Best Bet DeoPaddock VideoBettor's DelightSome RenditionsCPacer
596Make A Wish DeoPaddock VideoTrixtonWish I Was ThereCTrotter
598World Class DeoPaddock VideoAlways B MikiWorldly DeoFPacer
733Scotty DeoPaddock VideoTrixtonSay My NameCTrotter
761Queen Of The SouthPaddock VideoDownbytheseasideVaquera DeoFPacer

Harrisburg Sale 2021

HipNamePaddock VideoInspection VideoSireDamSexGait
51Two Timin Deo Paddock VideoLazarus N Double Jeopardy CPacer
52High Voltage Deo Paddock VideoSweet Lou Electric Fool CPacer
114Proclamation Deo Paddock VideoLazarus N Rocklamation FPacer
203Amourous Deo Paddock VideoMuscle Hill Amare Deo FTrotter
225Poseidon Deo Paddock VideoCaptaintreacherous Bj's Canouan CPacer
490Whos On First Deo Paddock VideoTrixton UF Lindsay Lou Who FTrotter
507Hot Stuff Deo Paddock VideoTrixton Wanna Get Lucky FTrotter
692Selena Deo Paddock VideoTrixton Yursa Hanover FTrotter