Deo Volente

Harrisburg Sale 2017

373Jolie Deo Trixton Votum Deo FTrotter
637No Drama Please Trixton Female Drama CTrotter
3Deo Degas Art Major World Of Her Own CPacer
136Antigua Deo Somebeachsomewhere See And Be Seen FPacer
177Fortis Deo Western Ideal Madam Countess CPacer
491Passionate Deo Captaintreacherous Sure Fun Tryin' FPacer

Lexington Sale 2017

27Heather DeoTrixtonCaylee DreamFTrotter
111Nimbus DeoChapter SevenYalta HanoverFTrotter
135Reverie DeoTrixtonBrigham DreamFTrotter
138Sabrina DeoMuscle HillCaught My EyeFTrotter
140Sovereign DeoTrixtonCherished VictoryCTrotter
224Princess DeoTrixtonQueen SereneFTrotter
297Sapphire DeoTrixtonBlue YonderFTrotter
311Sette DeoChapter SevenDoris DeoFTrotter
420Clementine DeoTrixtonTonato Of LoveFTrotter
3Risen DeoSomebeachsomewhereWorldly BeautyFPacer
36Soleil DeoCaptaintreacherousDocdor CameoFPacer
55De Los Cielos DeoCaptaintreacherousLisjuneCPacer
109Dali DeoArt MajorWorldly DeoCPacer
131Peaceful DeoSomebeachsomewhereBj's CanouanFPacer
151Trente DeoCaptaintreacherousElectric FoolCPacer
237Deo PicassoArt MajorShow The WorldCPacer
353Elvis DeoRock N Roll HeavenLittle Miss KCPacer
455Litore DeoSportswriterBettoronthebeachFPacer