Deo Volente

Harrisburg Sale 2018

195Alyvia Deo Trixton Blue Yonder FTrotter
552Dynamite Deo Explosive Matter Coulantine FTrotter
244Delightful Deo Bettor's Delight Electric Fool FPacer
464Deolicious Mach Three World Of Her Own FPacer

Lexington Sale 2018

63Jacobo DeoBold EagleResora Lb ItCTrotter
90My Dads BoyMuscle HillTonato Of LoveCTrotter
97Sonadora DeoKadabraWoke Up DreamingFTrotter
150Amethyst DeoTrixtonFortune DreamFTrotter
252Ready Set DeoTrixtonWanna Get LuckyCTrotter
262Contepartiro DeoMuscle HillYalta HanoverFTrotter
264Heart N Soul DeoMuscle HillYursa HanoverFTrotter
294Serena DeoTrixtonQueen SereneFTrotter
299Spirit Of DeoTrixtonCaylee DreamFTrotter
383Rigoletto DeoTrixtonBrigham DreamCTrotter
439Graceful DeoTrixtonAmare DeoFTrotter
475Newyorknewyork DeoChapter SevenDoris DeoCTrotter
557Kyrie DeoDonato HanoverRare BookCTrotter
41Das DeoCaptaintreacherousLisjuneCPacer
65Deos ProclamationCaptaintreacherousRocklamationFPacer
138Aces RockBettor's DelightDouble JeopardyCPacer
244Veera DeoCaptaintreacherousTimberFPacer
293Mike U The ManCaptaintreacherousBj's CanouanCPacer
311Stephanie DeoAmerican IdealDocdor CameoFPacer
351Hard Rock DeoRock N Roll HeavenLittle Miss KCPacer
375One For DeoArt MajorOne For The WorldFPacer
395Sailaja DeoSomebeachsomewhereShow The WorldFPacer
432Miserere DeoArt MajorWorldly DeoFPacer