Heritage Hill

Harrisburg Sale 2016

96Matinee ManRoll With JoeClaraCPacer
274Two B SaidWell SaidTwin B TiaraCPacer
277Seismic WaveExplosive MatterVanity PlatesCTrotter
280KatiebugsplosionExplosive MatterVelvet's Katie BugFTrotter
311Jose FiestaRoll With JoeApere HanoverCPacer
325Bet On LibertyAmerican IdealBet On LuckFPacer
338Major MaidArt MajorBridesmaid HanoverFPacer
376Double A MintBettor's DelightDouble CremeFPacer
474TurndownforwattAmerican IdealMore DiamondsCPacer
561Credit MarvelCredit WinnerSierra MarvelCTrotter
609Bettor BbBettor's DelightU All BbCPacer
682Haulin BancMuscle MassBancroft HallFTrotter
742JudywithebootyShadow PlayNanny WithafannyFPacer
894Delray DudeAmerican IdealDocdor LibbyCPacer