Heritage Hill

Harrisburg Sale 2017

24DeployArt MajorBet On LuckCPacer
149TrixarTrixtonSpice QueenCTrotter
162The Ice DutchessMuscle HillThe Ice QueenFTrotter
167CassiusBettor's DelightArmbro TussleCPacer
214AperfectdealAmerican IdealApere HanoverCPacer
231ThedoginthefightSweet LouBarks Like A DogCPacer
283Max DealAmerican IdealDocdor LibbyCPacer
461Irish ArtArt MajorSeaside RoryFPacer
471MarveloustrixTrixtonSierra MarvelFTrotter
504Ideal GeminiAmerican IdealTwin B TiaraFPacer
511Shadow CartaShadow PlayCarta FinalFPacer
512Vanity TrendMuscle MassiveVanity PlatesFTrotter
566ProposeBettor's DelightBridesmaid HanoverFPacer
585Velvet CreditCredit WinnerVelvet's Katie BugCTrotter
714Magic SpeechWell SaidMagic Of MichelleFPacer
755B All ArtArt MajorU All BbFPacer
809R U TalkinWell SaidRu In The GameCPacer
884Bi KarShadow PlayNanny WithafannyFPacer

Lexington Sale 2017

318Just Ask MeMuscle HillEmily DoFTrotter