Heritage Hill

Harrisburg Sale 2017

585Velvet CreditCredit WinnerVelvet's Katie BugCTrotter
512Vanity TrendMuscle MassiveVanity PlatesFTrotter
755B All ArtArt MajorU All BbFPacer
504Ideal GeminiAmerican IdealTwin B TiaraFPacer
162The Ice DutchessMuscle HillThe Ice QueenFTrotter
149TrixarTrixtonSpice QueenCTrotter
471MarveloustrixTrixtonSierra MarvelFTrotter
461Irish ArtArt MajorSeaside RoryFPacer
809R U TalkinWell SaidRu In The GameCPacer
884Bi KarShadow PlayNanny WithafannyFPacer
714Magic SpeechWell SaidMagic Of MichelleFPacer
283Max DealAmerican IdealDocdor LibbyCPacer
511Shadow CartaShadow PlayCarta FinalFPacer
566ProposeBettor's DelightBridesmaid HanoverFPacer
24DeployArt MajorBet On LuckCPacer
231ThedoginthefightSweet LouBarks Like A DogCPacer
167CassiusBettor's DelightArmbro TussleCPacer
214AperfectdealAmerican IdealApere HanoverCPacer

Lexington Sale 2017

318Just Ask MeMuscle HillEmily DoFTrotter