Blue Chip

Harrisburg Sale 2016

76Pearl Blue ChipSomebeachsomewhereBj's Sunshine FPacer
88Presto Blue ChipAmerican IdealCantor's Daughter FPacer
113Praise Blue ChipRoll With JoeExclamation CPacer
133Special's FirstAmerican IdealI'm Just Special FPacer
148Make Special MagicBettor's DelightLadys Special Girl FPacer
199Im The MuscleMuscle MassLady BlingCTrotter
202President BluechipRock N Roll HeavenRegal Wish CPacer
242Jordan Blue ChipChapter SevenI'll Bring Dessert FTrotter
243Ethan Blue ChipMuscle MassStirling Colleen CTrotter
283Pucci Blue ChipAmerican IdealVy Hanover FPacer
314Partagas Blue ChipShadow PlayAscending FPacer
346Pueblo Blue ChipAmerican IdealCasino Miss FPacer
369Pedigree Blue ChipAmerican IdealGrace K CPacer
382Plunge Blue ChipMuscle MassDunk The Donato FTrotter
403Prospect Blue ChipAmerican IdealDay Blue ChipFPacer
412P Livi Blue ChipAmerican IdealFox Valley Shaker CPacer
414Pokerface BluechipShadow PlayHaze's Zure Bet CPacer
418Papyrus Blue ChipCredit WinnerMuscles Secret FTrotter
421Pugilist Blue ChipBettor's DelightStefani Blue Chip CPacer
433Pan Am Blue ChipRock N Roll HeavenPark Avenue FPacer
448Persist Blue ChipRoll With JoeReal Reflection CPacer
479Petrovic Blue ChipChapter SevenUp Front Hotsey CTrotter
533Baron RemyYankee CruiserRiley Character FPacer
540Graceful CharlotteMuscle MassRoyal Icing FTrotter
542Azreal As It GetsSo SurrealVanite Semalu FPacer
545Prayer Blue ChipAmerican IdealSafety NetFPacer
548Promise Blue ChipRock N Roll HeavenSealed In My Heart FPacer
557Pass Line BluechipBettor's DelightRun On Luck FPacer
570Purgatory BluechipRoll With JoeSoiree CPacer
613Parisian Blue ChipBettor's DelightShe Walks The Walk FPacer
694PaythelinebluechipRock N Roll HeavenBet Your Life FPacer

Forest City Sale 2016

12Paradise Blue ChipShadow PlayRising SunCPacer
48Percy BluechipShadow PlayAdvantestFPacer
81Provel Blue ChipShadow PlayCheer My DearCPacer

Lexington Sale 2016

16Pericles Blue ChipArt MajorShot Togo BluechipFPacer
48Parlay Blue ChipAmerican IdealBlackjack PrincessFPacer
71Parca Blue ChipSomebeachsomewhereIncredible BeautyCPacer
191Papa Blue ChipAmerican IdealFool That I AmCPacer
227Petrona Blue ChipBettor's DelightMolly Can Do ItFPacer
233Purpose Blue ChipChapter SevenMunis Blue ChipCTrotter