Blue Chip

Harrisburg Sale 2019

6Swansong Blue ChipE L TitanHerbie's Niece CTrotter
41JoxterChapter SevenOh Oh Its Magic CTrotter
43Sailor Blue ChipSweet LouOnassis Bluechip CPacer
71Sexy Blue ChipRoll With JoeSo In LoveCPacer
134Axe Blue ChipChapter SevenCan Can Frisco CTrotter
152Splash Blue ChipE L TitanDunk The Donato FTrotter
219Eliza BChapter SevenLegal Lady FTrotter
227Chase LoungeSweet LouLounge ActFPacer
234TesseractE L TitanMarabou FTrotter
246Shazam Blue ChipShadow PlayMichelles Song CPacer
254Saratoga Blue ChipHe's WatchingMolly Can Do It CPacer
267Simplify Blue ChipE L TitanFraction FTrotter
272Sea Of Love BcAmerican IdealOceans Motion FPacer
292Socrates Blue ChipHe's WatchingPut On A Clinic CPacer
310Shadow Luv Line BcBetting LineShadowmisty CPacer
323Saranac Blue ChipAmerican IdealSo Nice CPacer
360Billions Blue ChipChapter SevenI'll Bring Dessert CTrotter
379Savage Blue ChipE L TitanNoreaster Bluechip CTrotter
381Shania Blue ChipRoll With JoeAdvantest FPacer
389Stoked Blue ChipMuscle MassGlowngold CTrotter
402Big City PearlChapter SevenAnnaliinaFTrotter
477Ideal Olympic AceAmerican IdealAce Of Pace CPacer
517Nuttin But FinesseArt MajorNuttin But Trouble CPacer
519DomilesDonato HanoverYankee Halla CTrotter
529Safari Blue ChipAmerican IdealJk Geronimo FPacer
574Titan Your GripE L TitanMiss Majestic FTrotter
575Shiela Blue ChipSunshine BeachMo Molly Blue ChipFPacer
597Stiletto Blue ChipAmerican IdealImpatienceFPacer
635Simone Blue ChipSunshine BeachRollnback To Me FPacer
680Siri Blue ChipHe's WatchingSouthwind Swallow FPacer
695The Right CreditCredit WinnerThe Right ThingCTrotter
736Stellar Blue ChipRoll With JoeWithout A Daut CPacer
739Storm Blue ChipCredit WinnerIncome De Vie FTrotter
833Snickers Blue ChipCredit WinnerMars Bar FTrotter
847Major ImprovementArt MajorDuel Cheeks FPacer
868Mele's Hat DanceRoll With JoeHat Dance Hanover CPacer
875Siros Blue ChipAmerican IdealIncredible BeautyCPacer

Goshen Sale 2019

14Sauvignon Blue ChipArt MajorSome Girls DoCPacer
30Chase Blue ChipCredit WinnerCantata CTrotter
35Sakebomb Blue ChipRoll With JoeNo LiesFPacer
76Spartacus BluechipAmerican IdealCrucial MomentCPacer
81Samuel Blue ChipAmerican IdealOffintothesunsetCPacer

Lexington Sale 2019

16Soukup Blue ChipChapter SevenSirenuse FTrotter
54Stiffler Blue ChipChapter SevenMake It Blue ChipCTrotter
152Stonecold BluechipAlways B MikkiRamalama CPacer
196Synergy Blue ChipCantab HallSouthwind Catlin FTrotter
272Seeyoubye BluechipSweet LouLotsa Matzah FPacer
333PalpitationsE L TitanLavec DreamCTrotter
335Sassy Blue ChipBettor's DelightLight Of Day FPacer
542Super GSebastian K SParlia HanoverFTrotter
566HalleyslittlecometSunshine BeachSt Lads Smokin HotFPacer