Blue Chip

Goshen 2018

11Special Graduate Art MajorSpecial SweetheartFPacer
78Rojas Blue Chip American IdealSouthwind SwallowFPacer
6Scarletandseven Chapter SevenScarlet FeverCTrotter
18Opportunity Lucky ChuckyRoyal IcingCTrotter
105Remy Blue Chip Roll With JoePark AvenueFPacer
104Really Blue Chip Credit WinnerMuscles SecretFTrotter
82Rearview Blue ChipAmerican IdealMud Pie HanoverCPacer
72Ragn Cajn BluechipArt MajorJk GeronimoFPacer
19Special Achiever American IdealI'm Just SpecialFPacer
70Rembrandt BluechipArt MajorGrace KCPacer
10Rolln Luv Bluechip Roll With JoeGlam CamFPacer