Blue Chip

London Select 2017

20Qaligirl Blue ChipSunshine BeachAlpine Gold N FPacer
114Queenjane BluechipShadow PlayDay Blue Chip FPacer
73Quinn Blue ChipSunshine BeachFrame Worthy CPacer

Harrisburg Sale 2017

97Qiss Me Blue ChipChapter SevenMake It Blue Chip FTrotter
187I'm Very SpecialAmerican IdealI'm Just SpecialFPacer
221Qrakmeup Blue ChipSunshine BeachFancy Creek Funny FPacer
237Quarter Blue ChipShadow PlayMichelles Song FPacer
263Seventh AvenueChapter SevenChippewa Street FTrotter
288Duel CitizenshipAmerican IdealDuel Cheeks FPacer
297Qartouche BluechipSweet LouAscending FPacer
328Quarrel Blue ChipTrixtonWinning JonlinFTrotter
329Qualify BluechipAmerican IdealImpatienceFPacer
370Quite Blue ChipArt MajorLotsa Matzah FPacer
418Kerri Blue ChipRoll With JoeOffintothesunset FPacer
448Queenb Blue ChipCredit WinnerRichesse Oblige S FTrotter
473Quincy Blue ChipChapter SevenSirenuse FTrotter
486Quartz Blue ChipSweet LouStefani Blue Chip FPacer
557EquanimityExplosive MatterBest BelugaFTrotter
582Amanda Blue ChipChapter SevenCantata FTrotter
644Quasar Blue ChipRoll With JoeFool That I Am FPacer
675Qredible Blue ChipRock N Roll HeavenIncredible Beauty FPacer
721Quest Blue ChipChapter SevenMars Bar FTrotter
775Quinton Blue ChipBettor's DelightPark Avenue FPacer
799Quadruple BluechpRock N Roll HeavenRegal Wish FPacer
839Qalypso Blue ChipArt MajorSome Girls Do FPacer
850Brianna Blue ChipAndover HallStirling Colleen FTrotter
859Quantum Blue ChipAmerican IdealSouthwind Swallow FPacer
885Quebec Blue ChipSportswriterHaze's Zure Bet FPacer
11Quan Blue ChipSunshine BeachAmora Hanover CPacer
72Never Catch MeRoll With JoeHat Dance HanoverCPacer
92Qtheband BluechipBettor's DelightLight Of Day CPacer
105Qingling Blue ChipAmerican IdealMolly Can Do It CPacer
135Quiksilvr BluechipCredit WinnerSea RavenCTrotter
163Qrown Blue ChipFather PatrickThe QueenCTrotter
256Qapricious BcSunshine BeachCapricious CPacer
305Quake Blue ChipArt MajorFox Valley Shaker CPacer
308Quatrain Blue ChipSomebeachsomewhereFrontierpan CPacer
327Donnie Blue ChipAndover HallI'll Bring Dessert CTrotter
389Que Pasa Blue ChipChapter SevenNew Hampshire Girl CTrotter
412Queenace Blue ChipArt MajorBlackjack Princess CPacer
607Qaid Blue ChipCredit WinnerUh Oh Its Lindy CTrotter
667Wuzzup MartyRock N Roll HeavenDarbie's Destiny CPacer
681Qui Gon Blue ChipArt MajorJk Geronimo CPacer
793Quickcallblue ChipRoll With JoePut On A Clinic CPacer

Goshen Sale 2017

24Qarma Blue ChipAmerican IdealCheer My Dear FPacer
28OuijaSo SurrealBon Mot FPacer
32Dueling BanjosRock N Roll HeavenSunduel A FPacer
40Quaker Blue ChipArt MajorRun On Luck FPacer
51Qing Qong BluechipRoll With JoeNo Lies FPacer
54Que Sera Blue ChipRock N Roll HeavenGrace K FPacer
105Special AgentArt MajorSpecial SweetheartFPacer
38Quagmire BluechipArt MajorMud Pie HanoverCPacer
84Qwerty Blue ChipArt MajorBet Your Life CPacer
109NewyorkbluebloodCrazedFox Valley LondonCTrotter

Lexington Sale 2017

216Qamus Blue ChipKadabraArmbro TempleFTrotter
26QuarterbakbluechipCantab HallSouthwind CatlinCTrotter
37Q N A BluechipSweet LouExclamationCPacer
57Quickstar BluechipBettor's DelightLyford CayCPacer
70Quiditch Blue ChipSomebeachsomewhereRamalamaCPacer
71Quadratic BluechipMuscle HillReven CrownCTrotter
168Royal Z TamAmerican IdealHula's Z TamCPacer