Blue Chip

Harrisburg Sale 2021

HipNamePaddock VideoInspection VideoSireDamSexGait
8Viking WaniaPaddock VideoWalnerUvie Hanover CTrotter
95Uber Blue ChipPaddock VideoWalnerMunis Blue Chip FTrotter
285Utopia Blue ChipPaddock VideoSweet LouReign On Me FPacer
400Ursula Blue ChipPaddock VideoSweet LouOnassis Blue Chip FPacer
705Unlikely Blue ChipPaddock VideoSweet LouRamalama CPacer
715Ukulele Blue ChipPaddock VideoStay Hungry Michelles Song FPacer
77United Blue ChipPaddock VideoStay HungryKj's BekahCPacer
401Universe Blue ChipPaddock VideoRoll With JoeHeavenly Bride CPacer
371Unoherbie BluechipPaddock VideoMuscle MassHerbie's Niece FTrotter
102ViserionPaddock VideoMuscle HillOrange Bigi FTrotter
265Uptown Blue ChipPaddock VideoLazarus NAdvantest FPacer
375UndeniablebluechipPaddock VideoLazarus NPut On A Clinic CPacer
668Ucandoit Blue ChipPaddock VideoKeystone VelocityMolly Can Do It FPacer
82Spitfire OverseesPaddock VideoInternational MoniLegal Lady CTrotter
699Uno Mas Blue ChipPaddock VideoInternational MoniMake It Blue Chip FTrotter
722Udabomb Blue ChipPaddock VideoHuntsvilleLotsa Matzah CPacer
784Duck DynastyPaddock VideoHuntsvilleRockn Opium CPacer
175Unleaded Blue ChipPaddock VideoHes WatchingBetter Onthe Fence CPacer
402Umami Blue ChipPaddock VideoFear The DragonJenny's Terror CPacer
47Uli Blue ChipPaddock VideoFather PatrickDefiantsnowfashion FTrotter
408Sister LoisPaddock VideoFather PatrickRichesse Oblige S FTrotter
302CuriosoPaddock VideoE L TitanNothing But Nice CTrotter
469The Right WomanPaddock VideoE L TitanThe Right ThingFTrotter
598Unity Blue ChipPaddock VideoE L TitanCredittomyfamily FTrotter
744Lady FairPaddock VideoE L TitanLady Cromwell FTrotter
300Unicorn Blue ChipPaddock VideoChapter SevenDunk The Donato FTrotter
113Ute Blue ChipPaddock VideoCaptaintreacherousPueblo Blue Chip FPacer
62Urika Blue ChipPaddock VideoBettor's DelightGallie On Thebeach CPacer
150Safe PassagePaddock VideoBettor's DelightTatiana Seelster FPacer
173Run In The SunPaddock VideoBettor's DelightVanite Semalu FPacer
198Uriel Blue ChipPaddock VideoBettor's DelightBathsheba CPacer
394Utmost Blue ChipPaddock VideoBettor's DelightSeen At Rio Deo FPacer
221Umber Blue ChipPaddock VideoBetting LineRegil Elektra CPacer
219Uhuh Blue ChipPaddock VideoBetterthancheddarFrame Worthy FPacer
590Rain On MePaddock VideoAndover HallIncome De Vie FTrotter
684UpallnightbluechipPaddock VideoAmerican IdealDay Blue Chip CPacer
31Big City NikkiPaddock VideoAlways B Miki Big City BettyFPacer
695Urchin Blue ChipPaddock VideoAlways B Miki Lyford Cay FPacer

Lexington Sale 2021

HipNamePaddock VideoInspection VideoSireDamSexGait
717Super VPaddock VideoTactical LandingParlia Hanover FTrotter
194Uprising Blue ChipPaddock VideoSweet Lou Warrawee Sunshine FPacer
619Crystal BallerPaddock VideoMuscle MassBloomfieldcantifly CTrotter
106Little ExpensivePaddock VideoMuscle HillSeviyorum CTrotter
289Upscale Blue ChipPaddock VideoMuscle HillLima Novelty FTrotter
797Umbrage Blue ChipPaddock VideoFear The DragonQueen Of Darkness FPacer
643King Of TitansPaddock VideoE L TitanDelmonica CTrotter
869Urania Blue ChipPaddock VideoDownbytheseasideCaroline Hanover FPacer
81FurloughPaddock VideoChapter SevenLenny Mac FTrotter
93Upnaway Blue ChipPaddock VideoChapter SevenNoreaster Bluechip CTrotter
344Nicholas Blue ChipPaddock VideoChapter SevenChasin Clouds Away CTrotter
536ThreatlevelmidnitePaddock VideoAmerican IdealPalm Patrol FPacer

Online Sale

HipNamePaddock VideoInspection VideoSireDamSexGait
20213Fast BlastPaddock VideoStay HungryHonky Tonk Woman CPacer
20211Uproar Blue ChipPaddock VideoHeston Blue ChipSouthwind Shania FPacer
20212Sound ChoicePaddock VideoBetting LineMach The CutFPacer

Goshen Sale 2021

HipNamePaddock VideoInspection VideoSireDamSexGait
17Bandito JoePaddock VideoRoll With JoeBlind Faith CPacer
46Uconn Blue ChipPaddock VideoRoll With JoeNo Lies FPacer
95Umbrella Blue ChipPaddock VideoHuntsvilleLight Of Day FPacer
80Usosweet Blue ChipPaddock VideoDevious ManTwin B Kisses FTrotter
122Fateful DuelPaddock VideoAmerican IdealDuel Cheeks CPacer