All American

Harrisburg Sale 2016

17More PowerMuscle HillYankee SenoritaCTrotter
90SpiritofmysisterDonato HanoverCelebrity SpiritCTrotter
105Cool Blues ManArt MajorDontcrymethebluesCPacer
142Ready For SummerSomebeachsomewhereKutekatieCPacer
204On A BoatWestern IdealRiverboat QueenFPacer
207Playin The PoniesBettor's DelightRockonomicsFPacer
227Prymetyme ShineWell SaidPrymetyme ScootieFPacer
236Tell Me A JokeArt MajorCamadianFPacer
285Rich TraditionSomebeachsomewhereClassical YankeeFPacer
326Put Into WordsWell SaidBettor BewareCPacer
343Smoke And MirrorsKadabraSoutaine HanoverFTrotter
355Act Like A DivaRoll With JoeMusic RowFPacer
456That's Not FunnyWestern IdealAllamerican LaughFPacer
465Size Me UpWell SaidMakes You WonderCPacer
480Sharp As A TackCredit WinnerSmarter Than SmartFTrotter
562Don't Be SillyDonato HanoverSilly SenoritaCTrotter
646EyesalrightYankee GlideCelebrity BlueyesCTrotter
710Love The ActionBettor's DelightKoutzinaCPacer
718Whats The WordDonato HanoverYour Word Is GoodCTrotter
803Hello YouRock N Roll HeavenHelen Of LedaCPacer
831Strong CoffeeWell SaidKahlua QueenFPacer
838Time To BoogieA Rocknroll DanceCaila FraFPacer

Lexington Sale 2016

45Sand Castle ArtistArt MajorBarbuda BabeCPacer
114Babes Dig MeSomebeachsomewhereWestern BabeCPacer
124Cold Beer HereCantab HallSenorita GlideCTrotter
148Tequila TalkinCantab HallMargarita NightsCTrotter
221What A KnockoutDonato HanoverSouthwind SofiaFTrotter