All American

Harrisburg Sale 2017

689Powerful Words Explosive Matter Your Word Is Good CTrotter
385Folklore Art Major Traditional FPacer
386Bring The Thunder Somebeachsomewhere Thunder Angel CPacer
462Quick On The Draw Credit Winner Smarter Than Smart FTrotter
142Muscle Star Muscle Hill Silverstar Volo CTrotter
499Nextroundsonme Cantab Hall Senorita Glide CTrotter
250Sweet Moves Sweet Lou Riverboat Queen FPacer
474Stag Party Bettor's Delight My Lady Day CPacer
108Music Matters Art Major Music Row FPacer
254Bettor Be Honest Bettor's Delight Moment Of Truth CPacer
498Flash A Smile Bettor's Delight Mcgrin N Mcbare It FPacer
299Time Gone By Credit Winner Mayberry FTrotter
325Beer Before Liquor Cantab Hall Margarita Nights FTrotter
717Hard Eight Bettor's Delight Makes You Wonder FPacer
84Dance With Danger Captaintreacherous Kutekatie FPacer
558Cold Brew Western Ideal Kahlua Queen FPacer
451Hot Take Sportswriter Ideal Gal CPacer
668Well Hello Again Well Said Helen Of Leda FPacer
65What A Fox Somebeachsomewhere Foxy Lady FPacer
379Safe Word Credit Winner Fifty Shades FTrotter
39Magnum Opus Art Major Classical Yankee CPacer
36Burning Desire Somebeachsomewhere Carols Desire CPacer
394Wild Wild Western Western Ideal Caila Fra CPacer
27Blazing Fast Somebeachsomewhere Blazing Yankee CPacer
531Nobody To Blame Rock N Roll Heaven Bettor Beware CPacer
12Shamrocker Father Patrick Amourato FTrotter
402Roar Of Approval Well Said Allamerican Calico CPacer

Lexington Sale 2017

245Speak Of The DevilArchangelTopcat HallFTrotter
181On Your TabCantab HallSoutaine HanoverFTrotter
256Pick'emSportswriterOdds On LassomyhrtCPacer
357Feel The MuscleMuscle HillMacy LaneCTrotter
164Hallywood HillsMuscle HillHallywoodFTrotter
149Beach BarSomebeachsomewhereDontcrymethebluesFPacer
85Divine SpiritFather PatrickCelebrity SpiritCTrotter
60CaptaintremendousCaptaintreacherousAllamerican MemoirCPacer