Morrisville Sale 2018

47ElemenohpeeRoll With JoeWild West AngelFPacer
36Pretty Little LiarConway HallStay True To YouFTrotter
35Seven SpankingsChapter SevenSpin The PlanetCTrotter
34Secret Angel GirlRc RoyaltySouth Jersey AngelFTrotter
30Yes We DewDeweycheatumnhoweSo SeriousFTrotter
32Some Crazy FoolCrazedSomewayFTrotter
27Third Row SeatThird StraightSeat By The WindowFPacer
21Pure And EvilConway HallPure And EasyCTrotter
18PinkornotsopinkConway HallPink CaviarFTrotter
16Round Here BuzzRc RoyaltyNeon DreamFTrotter
1She's In The TrunkHeston Blue ChipJunk In My TrunkFPacer
6How Dew I JiggleDeweycheatumnhoweJigglesFTrotter
4Smooth AffairConway HallIdentity TheftFTrotter
43Head TripCrazedDream TicketCTrotter
59Crown StraightThird StraightCircle GameFPacer
72Wildblue YonderThird StraightAzorean SkyFPacer

Goshen 2018

114DeweycheatumjodieDeweycheatumnhoweJ YoFTrotter
66Deweysmeadow DeweycheatumnhoweFernessaFTrotter