Lindy Farms

Harrisburg Sale 2016

162Momma Don't DanceArt MajorMommy Robin QFPacer
261This Is The PlanSomebeachsomewhereThat's The PlanCPacer
310Shadow Of LindyShadow PlayAntoinette HanoverCPacer
481Some FantasySomebeachsomewhereMy FantasyCPacer
532Like DynomiteExplosive MatterReven ElevenCTrotter
615Explosive LindyExplosive MatterLove To LindyCTrotter
644LindyinoverdriveCrazedYa Ya LindyCTrotter
750Matter Of LindyExplosive MatterDreamgirl LindyCTrotter
790Show Em All LindyCantab HallLindy's ShowgirlCTrotter
837Kinda Lucky LindyLucky ChuckyKinda Crazy LindyCTrotter
848Party Like A LindyLucky ChuckyLindys Gone CrazyCTrotter
849Happy Go LindyLucky ChuckyGodiva LindyFTrotter
852Live ExplosionExplosive MatterLive MoniFTrotter
881Jamiesons LindyCrazedMimosa LindyCTrotter

Morrisville Sale 2016

7One Tough LindyLucky ChuckyTouch Girl LindyFTrotter
31My Lindy WinnerCredit WinnerMy Lady LindyCTrotter

Lexington Sale 2016

59MontepulcianoCantab HallItalienne GirlCTrotter
72Ironman LindyMuscle HillIvory LindyCTrotter
74Oscar De La LindyCantab HallLindy'sleadingladyCTrotter
111Beachin LindySomebeachsomewhereReal AppealingCPacer
113Can't Afford ItCantab HallNothing But MoniCTrotter
156Lunar CreditCredit WinnerLunar Dream OmCTrotter
167Over The HillMuscle HillCan't Have My MoniCTrotter
179Toast Of LindyCantab HallBellini LindyCTrotter
226Dream For LindyDonato HanoverMy Dolly's DreamFTrotter
228SonofamillionaireDonato HanoverMom's MillionaireCTrotter
255Stay FoolishChapter SevenReady To SparkleFTrotter
258Waiting For LindyCantab HallLindy's RnFTrotter
294Essence Of LindyCantab HallA Touch Of LindyFTrotter
321Hot Like A LindyExplosive MatterGift CardCTrotter
331Lindy's Big BangExplosive MatterLindy Of My DreamsCTrotter
345Powered By LindyCantab HallDana BokoFTrotter
362Dragon TimeBettor's DelightLittle Miss DragonCPacer
364LockednloadedlindyLucky ChuckyLove LockdownCTrotter
450Keep FaithDonato HanoverBreech Of FaithCTrotter