Fair Winds

Harrisburg Sale 2019

16Significant Other Captaintreacherous Jated Love FPacer
20Broad Strokes Chapter Seven Lady Marian FTrotter
34Mercy Overwatch Somebeachsomewhere Moremercy Bluechip FPacer
37Take Aim Betting Line Must See FPacer
42Beach Forecast Somebeachsomewhere Omen Hanover CPacer
44Profile In Style Muscle Hill Open Access CTrotter
62Make Mine Miki Always B Miki Shake That Junk FPacer
101Summa Cum Laude Somebeachsomewhere Western Graduate CPacer
106Seven Wood Chapter Seven Woodshopper FTrotter
116Six Degrees Somebeachsomewhere Apogee Hanover CPacer
117Private Life Muscle Hill Armbro Deja Vu FTrotter
131Expecto Patronum Kadabra Bluff FTrotter
137Podium Girl Somebeachsomewhere Cinamony FPacer
253Market Model Credit Winner Model Behavior CTrotter
261Pub Crawl Bar Hopping Myth FTrotter
294Initial Concept Shadow Play Raquel CPacer
299Rita Captiva Captaintreacherous Rita J FPacer
320Sundried Tomato Roll With Joe Solar Eclipse FPacer
328Byinviteonly Trixton Special Invitation CTrotter
351Cheese Omelet American Ideal Tongue In Cheek CPacer
400Wind Of The West Southwind Frank Armbro Emma FTrotter
457Always B Dreaming Always B Miki Dreamland's Jo Jo FPacer
469All Square Cantab Hall Falls For You FTrotter
486Always B Laughin Always B Miki Gravity FPacer
539Best Keepsake Betterthancheddar Kelly's Keepsake FPacer
565Snap Call Shadow Play Malocchio CPacer
610Final Table Sportswriter Pangoon CPacer
611Trixnique Trixton Paper Girl CTrotter
620Capo Dei Capi Father Patrick Princess Pearl CTrotter
681Said To Be Sweet Artspeak Sweethearts Dance FPacer
683Move Over Some Donato Hanover Tawesome More FTrotter
689The Best American American Ideal Terrific Tara CPacer
693Lost Control Control The Moment Thats No Lady FPacer
702Yankee Peddler Muscles Yankee Travelin Deal FTrotter
703Straight Draw Sportswriter Keystone Treasure FPacer