Fair Winds

Harrisburg Sale 2016

39Tongue Sandwich Western Ideal Tongue In CheekCPacer
65Step Beyond Art Major Apogee HanoverFPacer
78Activist Credit Winner BluffCTrotter
83I Keep Tabs Cantab Hall Buck I St PatCTrotter
87American Vision American Ideal Caitlin QCPacer
104Ex Machina Credit Winner Armbro Deja VuFTrotter
109Dreams On Me Somebeachsomewhere Dreamland's Jo JoFPacer
114Remarkable FeetAndover Hall Falls For YouCTrotter
127Dramatic Point Somebeachsomewhere Heather's WesternCPacer
140Code In Art Major Knock Three TimesFPacer
145Much Fanfare Muscle Hill Lady MarianFTrotter
164Changing Tide Somebeachsomewhere Ms MaliciousCPacer
168Must Read Somebeachsomewhere Must SeeFPacer
182Pinstripe Pride Sportswriter PangoonCPacer
221Casual Cool American Ideal Sight To SeeCPacer
250Sunset Over Miami Well Said Sun N MoonCPacer
270Treasure Writer Sportswriter Keystone TreasureCPacer
275Back To Motown Art Major Twist N CloutCPacer
298Big Wood Donato Hanover WoodshopperCTrotter
322Thomas BahamasWell SaidBeachy LadyCPacer
381Weehawken Art Major Duel CheeksFPacer
419Cult Icon Bettor's Delight Yankee IconFPacer
450Glide In The Wind Yankee Glide Lady In The WindCTrotter
508Paper Rock Scissor Lucky Chucky Paper GirlCTrotter
513Perfetto Majestic Son Perfect PreludeCTrotter
541Real Rayenbow So Surreal R Reva RayeCPacer
589Happy Giggles Rock N Roll Heaven Sweethearts DanceFPacer
596Talkoholic Conway Hall TalktalktalkFTrotter
597Get Torqed Cantab Hall Tawesome MoreCTrotter
599No Stone Unturned Rock N Roll Heaven Thats No LadyFPacer
685Muscle Miley Muscle MassBar BalladFTrotter
761Charles Lucky Chucky Armbro EmmaCTrotter
905Putit On The Card American Ideal On The ArmFPacer