Fair Winds

Harrisburg Sale 2018

9Change At The Top Credit Winner Bluff CTrotter
170Hello Tomorrow Muscle Hill Armbro Deja Vu FTrotter
250Toccoa Falls Trixton Falls For You CTrotter
320Devine Equine Andover Hall Marla Bar FTrotter
356Olympic Glory Chapter Seven Olympics FTrotter
371Modern Mass Muscle Mass Perfect Prelude FTrotter
631Fitness Fiend Conway Hall Lady Marian FTrotter
677Take Shape Donato Hanover Model Behavior CTrotter
763Stable Genius Archangel Seawind Pascale CTrotter
771Big Hurt Rc Royalty Shes On Fire CTrotter
56Silly But Serious Captaintreacherous I Need Hotstuff FPacer
61Enough Sun Somebeachsomewhere Jated Love CPacer
126Alpha Flight Captaintreacherous Shake That Junk FPacer
129Full View Somebeachsomewhere Sight To See CPacer
139Bucharest American Ideal Sun N Moon FPacer
152Brush Up Somebeachsomewhere Well Hello There CPacer
289Keep Looking He's Watching Kelly's Keepsake FPacer
321Liffey Lad American Ideal Matt Tin Roof CPacer
337All In Fun Captaintreacherous Ms Malicious FPacer
434Cheek Please American Ideal Tongue In Cheek FPacer
439Level Up Art Major Apogee Hanover CPacer
487Git Go Captaintreacherous Twist N Clout FPacer
512The Mystic So Surreal Beachy Lady CPacer
529Miss Camille Western Ideal Caitlin Q FPacer
584Built On Purpose Sunshine Beach Flaming Diablo FPacer
622Roll With Joy Roll With Joe Joyanna FPacer
755Better Get Going Bettor's Delight R Reva Raye FPacer
811American In London American Ideal Terrific Tara FPacer

Lexington Sale 2018

610Boston BlueTrixtonAzure VoloCTrotter
96Captain DebCaptaintreacherousWestern GraduateFPacer

Goshen 2018

111Paper Rock Scissor Chapter SevenPaper Girl CTrotter