Goshen 2018

117Unpaid AdvisorChapter SevenPole DancerCTrotterBoxwood
114DeweycheatumjodieDeweycheatumnhoweJ YoFTrotterMorrisville
111Paper Rock Scissor Chapter SevenPaper Girl CTrotterFair Winds
110GumbyMuscle MassPacific EleganceCTrotterBoxwood
105Remy Blue Chip Roll With JoePark AvenueFPacerBlue Chip
104Really Blue Chip Credit WinnerMuscles SecretFTrotterBlue Chip
86Kosher MusclesMuscles YaneeKosher WinnerCTrotterStoneview Farm
82Rearview Blue ChipAmerican IdealMud Pie HanoverCPacerBlue Chip
78Rojas Blue Chip American IdealSouthwind SwallowFPacerBlue Chip
72Ragn Cajn BluechipArt MajorJk GeronimoFPacerBlue Chip
70Rembrandt BluechipArt MajorGrace KCPacerBlue Chip
66Deweysmeadow DeweycheatumnhoweFernessaFTrotterMorrisville
19Special Achiever American IdealI'm Just SpecialFPacerBlue Chip
18Opportunity Lucky ChuckyRoyal IcingCTrotterBlue Chip
11Special Graduate Art MajorSpecial SweetheartFPacerBlue Chip
10Rolln Luv Bluechip Roll With JoeGlam CamFPacerBlue Chip
7Next Best ThingBolt The DuerJessalilmixupCPacerStoneview Farm
6Scarletandseven Chapter SevenScarlet FeverCTrotterBlue Chip