Harrisburg Sale 2017

695AdinaCredit WinnerLatte HallFTrotterWalnridge Farm
222Alice BSportswriterAsk AliceFPacerWalnridge Farm
582Amanda Blue ChipChapter SevenCantata FTrotterBlue Chip
80Angels N HeavenCredit WinnerI Wanted WingsFTrotterCrawford
7Angry Eyes Father Patrick Aiken For Clay FTrotterHunterton Farm
136Antigua Deo Somebeachsomewhere See And Be Seen FPacerDeo Volente
158AntoniaDonato HanoverTactical CaviarFTrotterWalnridge Farm
755B All ArtArt MajorU All BbFPacerHeritage Hill
325Beer Before Liquor Cantab Hall Margarita Nights FTrotterAll American
823Bettorshesgone Bettor's Delight She's Long Gone FPacerHunterton Farm
884Bi KarShadow PlayNanny WithafannyFPacerHeritage Hill
867Bit CoinCredit WinnerTawesome MoreFTrotterFair Winds
850Brianna Blue ChipAndover HallStirling Colleen FTrotterBlue Chip
581Campus Queen Sportswriter Campus Flirt FPacerHunterton Farm
397Cant Top ThisCantab HallMuscles CarbonaraFTrotterFair Winds
341Carbon CaptureArt MajorJated LoveFPacerFair Winds
93Chanel De Vie Cantab Hall Lola De Vie FTrotterJoie De Vie
143Chardonnay NayMuscle HillSlightly TipsyFTrotterWalnridge Farm
558Cold Brew Western Ideal Kahlua Queen FPacerAll American
911Conscience Free So Surreal Cristinella Bella FPacerHunterton Farm
590Conway KellyanneConway HallPacific CenterfoldFTrotterPheasant Hill
44Crazy CuteArt MajorCrazy Luv BugFPacerWalnridge Farm
707CredittomyfamilyCredit WinnerLive MoniFTrotterLindy Farms
84Dance With Danger Captaintreacherous Kutekatie FPacerAll American
517Desert TrickSportswriterVillage MirageFPacerWalnridge Farm
674Devious DelightBettor's DelightIn A WhisperFPacerWhite Birch
285Dream NoirCaptaintreacherousDreamlands Jo JoFPacerFair Winds
288Duel CitizenshipAmerican IdealDuel Cheeks FPacerBlue Chip
324EntwinedAmerican IdealHow 'bout A SmoochFPacerPheasant Hill
557EquanimityExplosive MatterBest BelugaFTrotterBlue Chip
86Extra AngelDonato HanoverLady MarianFTrotterFair Winds
408Felicity De Vie Credit Winner Mythical Kemp FTrotterJoie De Vie
538Fiery LadyExplosive MatterAmelia HallFTrotterWhite Birch
191Finnish Your WayBettor's DelightWorld Of RockFPacerWhite Birch
498Flash A Smile Bettor's Delight Mcgrin N Mcbare It FPacerAll American
385Folklore Art Major Traditional FPacerAll American
868Foot Loose LindyCrazedTeachmehowto LindyFTrotterLindy Farms
15Full SunCaptaintreacherousApogee HanoverFPacerFair Winds
546Genuine Am A Rocknroll Dance Art Sale FPacerHunterton Farm
875Ham And CheeseRoll With JoeThats No LadyFPacerFair Winds
717Hard Eight Bettor's Delight Makes You Wonder FPacerAll American
601Hello Dolly De Vie Credit Winner Vida De Vie FTrotterJoie De Vie
772Highmoon SunshineSunshine BeachOzoneFPacerWalnridge Farm
218Honeysuckle Kadabra Arbor Hanover FTrotterHunterton Farm
201Hotfoot HannahChapter SevenAll For OneFTrotterWhite Birch
504Ideal GeminiAmerican IdealTwin B TiaraFPacerHeritage Hill
187I'm Very SpecialAmerican IdealI'm Just SpecialFPacerBlue Chip
461Irish ArtArt MajorSeaside RoryFPacerHeritage Hill
165IsoldeCantab HallToscaFTrotterWalnridge Farm
683Jk Ideal Pearl American Ideal J K Pure Pearl FPacerNorthwood Bloodstock
684Jk Rockin Music Rock N Roll Heaven Jk Soundofmusic FPacerNorthwood Bloodstock
373Jolie Deo Trixton Votum Deo FTrotterDeo Volente
422Just Rev ItCantab HallReven ElevenFTrotterLindy Farms
587Katie Caught Art Major Catch Me Katie FPacerHunterton Farm
418Kerri Blue ChipRoll With JoeOffintothesunset FPacerBlue Chip
87Lady KissmeAmerican IdealLadyotraFPacerWhite Birch
733Lindy MisssunshineExplosive MatterMimosa LindyFTrotterLindy Farms
750Lindys PizzazzExplosive MatterMy Lady LindyFTrotterLindy Farms
710Lindy SplendorLucky ChuckyLove LockdownFTrotterLindy Farms
68Madama ButterflyCantab HallFrisky MagicFTrotterWalnridge Farm
714Magic SpeechWell SaidMagic Of MichelleFPacerHeritage Hill
471MarveloustrixTrixtonSierra MarvelFTrotterHeritage Hill
704Mimi'spearloflindyCantab HallLindy's ShowgirlFTrotterLindy Farms
701Miracle De Vie Yankee Glide Lightfoot FTrotterJoie De Vie
819Miss Me MuchArt MajorTown Pro MissFPacerWhite Birch
108Music Matters Art Major Music Row FPacerAll American
505New TwistCaptaintreacherousTwist N CloutFPacerFair Winds
491Passionate Deo Captaintreacherous Sure Fun Tryin' FPacerDeo Volente
49Personal ParadiseMuscle HillArmbro Deja VuFTrotterFair Winds
131Pink DandelionsMuscle HillRise N ShineFTrotterCrawford
194PinknpureTrixtonZanna RoyalFTrotterCrawford
566ProposeBettor's DelightBridesmaid HanoverFPacerHeritage Hill
839Qalypso Blue ChipArt MajorSome Girls Do FPacerBlue Chip
297Qartouche BluechipSweet LouAscending FPacerBlue Chip
97Qiss Me Blue ChipChapter SevenMake It Blue Chip FTrotterBlue Chip
221Qrakmeup Blue ChipSunshine BeachFancy Creek Funny FPacerBlue Chip
675Qredible Blue ChipRock N Roll HeavenIncredible Beauty FPacerBlue Chip
799Quadruple BluechpRock N Roll HeavenRegal Wish FPacerBlue Chip
329Qualify BluechipAmerican IdealImpatienceFPacerBlue Chip
859Quantum Blue ChipAmerican IdealSouthwind Swallow FPacerBlue Chip
328Quarrel Blue ChipTrixtonWinning JonlinFTrotterBlue Chip
237Quarter Blue ChipShadow PlayMichelles Song FPacerBlue Chip
486Quartz Blue ChipSweet LouStefani Blue Chip FPacerBlue Chip
644Quasar Blue ChipRoll With JoeFool That I Am FPacerBlue Chip
885Quebec Blue ChipSportswriterHaze's Zure Bet FPacerBlue Chip
448Queenb Blue ChipCredit WinnerRichesse Oblige S FTrotterBlue Chip
721Quest Blue ChipChapter SevenMars Bar FTrotterBlue Chip
462Quick On The Draw Credit Winner Smarter Than Smart FTrotterAll American
473Quincy Blue ChipChapter SevenSirenuse FTrotterBlue Chip
775Quinton Blue ChipBettor's DelightPark Avenue FPacerBlue Chip
370Quite Blue ChipArt MajorLotsa Matzah FPacerBlue Chip
272Rhythmic Kemp Kadabra Credit To Elgin FTrotterHunterton Farm
51Rocher Kemp Trixton Distaff FTrotterHunterton Farm
843Run Lindy RunCantab HallTough Girl LindyFTrotterLindy Farms
663Running RowdyExplosive MatterHawaiian LeiFTrotterWalnridge Farm
379Safe Word Credit Winner Fifty Shades FTrotterAll American
263Seventh AvenueChapter SevenChippewa Street FTrotterBlue Chip
511Shadow CartaShadow PlayCarta FinalFPacerHeritage Hill
12Shamrocker Father Patrick Amourato FTrotterAll American
878Speaks In TonguesWell SaidTongue In CheekFPacerFair Winds
703Spirit Of LindyCrazedLindys LullabyFTrotterLindy Farms
771Sporty SongSportswriterOvertureFPacerPreferred Equine
624Star MissionManofmanymissionsEastern StarletFTrotterWhite Birch
209Stolen Dance Muscle Hill Angelina Chip FTrotterHunterton Farm
848Surmount Cantab Hall Starcelona FTrotterHunterton Farm
315Sweet MillieSweet LouGravityFPacerNorthwood Bloodstock
250Sweet Moves Sweet Lou Riverboat Queen FPacerAll American
455Temperance Wick Captaintreacherous Rodena FPacerHunterton Farm
162The Ice DutchessMuscle HillThe Ice QueenFTrotterHeritage Hill
299Time Gone By Credit Winner Mayberry FTrotterAll American
342Tina TrotterChapter SevenJerzee FreshFTrotterWhite Birch
383Tric TracTrixtonMarla BarFTrotterFair Winds
200Tymal All Revvedup Kadabra All Filled Up FTrotterHunterton Farm
716Tymal Majorette Mach Three Major Girl FPacerHunterton Farm
883Tymal Royalty Royalty For Life Nelly FTrotterHunterton Farm
141UnseenBettors DelightSight To SeeFPacerFair Winds
941Unspoken Promise Somebeachsomewhere Pucker Up FPacerPreferred Equine
512Vanity TrendMuscle MassiveVanity PlatesFTrotterHeritage Hill
668Well Hello Again Well Said Helen Of Leda FPacerAll American
65What A Fox Somebeachsomewhere Foxy Lady FPacerAll American
380Zoila De Vie Credit Winner Mariah De Vie FTrotterJoie De Vie
851Action All Star Big Jim Stonebridge Breeze CPacerHunterton Farm
110Alternative FactTrixtonMythCTrotterFair Winds
116A Major Omen Art Major Omen Hanover CPacerNorthwood Bloodstock
298American SawyerAmerican IdealFeel LifeCPacerWhite Birch
214AperfectdealAmerican IdealApere HanoverCPacerHeritage Hill
901Bennie De Vie Charlie De Vie Velma K CTrotterJoie De Vie
806Better UpBettors DelightR Reva RayeCPacerFair Winds
254Bettor Be Honest Bettor's Delight Moment Of Truth CPacerAll American
736BiglyMuscle MassMiss FidgetCTrotterPheasant Hill
78Big Sky BoomSomebeachsomewhereI Need HotstuffCPacerFair Winds
363Blank CanvasArt MajorLets ImagineCPacerWalnridge Farm
27Blazing Fast Somebeachsomewhere Blazing Yankee CPacerAll American
386Bring The Thunder Somebeachsomewhere Thunder Angel CPacerAll American
660Bro Rock N Roll Heaven Gro CPacerHunterton Farm
420Brother JamesSweet LouOlivette HanoverCPacerWalnridge Farm
36Burning Desire Somebeachsomewhere Carols Desire CPacerAll American
156Captain BeanCaptaintreacherousSweet PaprikaCPacerWalnridge Farm
167CassiusBettor's DelightArmbro TussleCPacerHeritage Hill
527Clear CutCrazedWoodshopperCTrotterFair Winds
752Cliffhanger Vintage Master Mystery Game CPacerHunterton Farm
109CloudbreakSomebeachsomewhereMust SeeCPacerFair Winds
501Cost TreasureMach ThreeKeystone TreasureCPacerFair Winds
403Critical ArtistWestern IdealMy Little ArtistCPacerWhite Birch
133Demon Onthe HillMuscle HillSabrina HallCTrotterWalnridge Farm
3Deo Degas Art Major World Of Her Own CPacerDeo Volente
24DeployArt MajorBet On LuckCPacerHeritage Hill
327Donnie Blue ChipAndover HallI'll Bring Dessert CTrotterBlue Chip
801Downtown CruiserYankee CruiserRoad SignCPacerWhite Birch
378DramatistShadow PlayMalocchioCPacerFair Winds
372DudelookslikelindyCantab HallLove To LindyCTrotterLindy Farms
330FanaticCantab HallI'myourbiggestfanCTrotterWhite Birch
749Fantasy MakerAmerican IdealMy FantasyCPacerLindy Farms
406Fast N FirstBettor's DelightMy Sisters A ChampCPacerWhite Birch
880Finnish EngineerManofmanymissionsSpicey ImageCTrotterWhite Birch
579Fixed Idea Big Jim Calchips Artist CPacerHunterton Farm
127Forbidden Trade Kadabra Pure Ivory CTrotterHunterton Farm
177Fortis Deo Western Ideal Madam Countess CPacerDeo Volente
646Granderson Am Bettor's Delight For The Goodrhymes CPacerHunterton Farm
213Heart Of LindyArt MajorAntoinette HanoverCPacerLindy Farms
355Holiday HangoverDonato HanoverLady HolidayCTrotterWhite Birch
451Hot Take Sportswriter Ideal Gal CPacerAll American
619Innisfallen Explosive Matter Dream That Dream CTrotterNorthstar Farm
796In The Will Royalty For Life Rare Gift CTrotterHunterton Farm
348ItsagrayareaRoll With JoeJust My TypeCPacerWhite Birch
525Jersey Boy De Vie Donato Hanover Lavieenrose De Vie CTrotterJoie De Vie
344Jiminy BeachSunshine BeachJimmy The TerrorCPacerWalnridge Farm
147Joey C De Vie Muscle Hill So You De Vie CTrotterJoie De Vie
313Jon SnowSportswriterGrand LadyCPacerFair Winds
589La MagicKadabraCelebrity SweedieCTrotterWhite Birch
616Lindy BoyExplosive MatterDreamgirl LindyCTrotterLindy Farms
536Lindys TreasureExplosive MatterAlcarineCTrotterLindy Farms
603Loveable LeoYankee GlideCunning VixenCTrotterLindy Farms
20Lucius VorenusFather PatrickAvaliciousCTrotterCrawford
902Lucky WeekendLUCKY CHUCKYWEEKEND VACATIONCTrotterPreferred Equine
384Lynis De Vie Cantab Hall Mavis CTrotterJoie De Vie
368Magic Joe LindyAmerican IdealLindy's BanditaCPacerLindy Farms
39Magnum Opus Art Major Classical Yankee CPacerAll American
447Major EscapeArt MajorOnethatgotawayCPacerWhite Birch
768Mark Witha KAmerican IdealOn The ArmCPacerFair Winds
283Max DealAmerican IdealDocdor LibbyCPacerHeritage Hill
846MoonstoneSunshine BeachStacey's LadyCPacerWalnridge Farm
142Muscle Star Muscle Hill Silverstar Volo CTrotterAll American
776My Buddy De Vie Conway Hall Pauls Wink CTrotterJoie De Vie
909NarrativeLis MaraBreatheCPacerPreferred Equine
72Never Catch MeRoll With JoeHat Dance HanoverCPacerBlue Chip
499Nextroundsonme Cantab Hall Senorita Glide CTrotterAll American
531Nobody To Blame Rock N Roll Heaven Bettor Beware CPacerAll American
637No Drama Please Trixton Female Drama CTrotterDeo Volente
413No Mas AmorSweet LouNo More LovingCPacerWalnridge Farm
627OkayConway HallPacific EdgeCTrotterPheasant Hill
516Ondine Wishing Stone Village Ballet CTrotterHunterton Farm
291Out In The HallCantab HallArmbro EmmaCTrotterFair Winds
427Passionate Prince Mach Three Passionate Beauty CPacerHunterton Farm
292Past ParticipleWell SaidEnduring DelightCPacerWalnridge Farm
787Pop Lets GoWestern VintagePopcorn N PeanutsCPacerWalnridge Farm
689Powerful Words Explosive Matter Your Word Is Good CTrotterAll American
391Powerscourt Credit Winner Miss Connor CTrotterNorthstar Farm
665Primal RushMuscle MassiveHawaiian StrokeCTrotterWalnridge Farm
94Prospect HillMuscle HillLouise KempCTrotterWalnridge Farm
607Qaid Blue ChipCredit WinnerUh Oh Its Lindy CTrotterBlue Chip
256Qapricious BcSunshine BeachCapricious CPacerBlue Chip
105Qingling Blue ChipAmerican IdealMolly Can Do It CPacerBlue Chip
163Qrown Blue ChipFather PatrickThe QueenCTrotterBlue Chip
92Qtheband BluechipBettor's DelightLight Of Day CPacerBlue Chip
305Quake Blue ChipArt MajorFox Valley Shaker CPacerBlue Chip
11Quan Blue ChipSunshine BeachAmora Hanover CPacerBlue Chip
308Quatrain Blue ChipSomebeachsomewhereFrontierpan CPacerBlue Chip
412Queenace Blue ChipArt MajorBlackjack Princess CPacerBlue Chip
389Que Pasa Blue ChipChapter SevenNew Hampshire Girl CTrotterBlue Chip
793Quickcallblue ChipRoll With JoePut On A Clinic CPacerBlue Chip
681Qui Gon Blue ChipArt MajorJk Geronimo CPacerBlue Chip
135Quiksilvr BluechipCredit WinnerSea RavenCTrotterBlue Chip
124Rapine Trixton Pine For Her CTrotterHunterton Farm
57RavelCantab HallEight BellsCTrotterWalnridge Farm
879Real Big SecretMuscle MassiveShare My SecretCTrotterWhite Birch
306Recurring Sweet Lou Frankie's Dream CPacerHunterton Farm
948Remarkable De Vie Charlie De Vie Southwind Sydney CTrotterJoie De Vie
421Rio OlympicsDonato HanoverOlympicsCTrotterFair Winds
402Roar Of Approval Well Said Allamerican Calico CPacerAll American
132Rocknroll OliverArt MajorRocknroll OliviaCPacerCrawford
811Romeo Kemp Royalty For Life Sarafina Hall CTrotterHunterton Farm
730Royal Soldier Rc Royalty Microwave MusclesCTrotterPreferred Equine
809R U TalkinWell SaidRu In The GameCPacerHeritage Hill
464Shake FirstAmerican IdealShake That JunkCPacerFair Winds
849Sharky De Vie A Rocknroll Dance Starofthesea Devie CPacerJoie De Vie
860Sine MetuWestern IdealSweethearts DanceCPacerFair Winds
854Slap Back Echo Rock N Roll Heaven Student Driver CPacerHunterton Farm
159S MckeeArt MajorTaiya HanoverCPacerCrawford
223So It GoesAmerican IdealAspectofmusicCPacerWhite Birch
858Southern Style Muscle Mass Sunshine Glide CTrotterHunterton Farm
180Sports Charm Sportswriter Western Charmer CPacerHunterton Farm
371Sports Scene Sportswriter Love Scene CPacerHunterton Farm
474Stag Party Bettor's Delight My Lady Day CPacerAll American
664Standing OvationExplosive MatterHawaiianphotographCTrotterWalnridge Farm
495Start TalkingChapter SevenTalktalktalkCTrotterFair Winds
515Summer Wind De Vie Roll With Joe Crystal De Vie CPacerJoie De Vie
29Summit In SightMuscle HillBluffCTrotterFair Winds
243Sweet Yankee LouSweet LouBootleg YankeeCPacerPreferred Equine
617Teenage DreamingBettor's DelightDreaming AliinaCPacerWhite Birch
231ThedoginthefightSweet LouBarks Like A DogCPacerHeritage Hill
450ThelinestartshereArt MajorRita JCPacerFair Winds
350Three DegreesWell SaidKnock Three TimesCPacerFair Winds
314Three Grand Mach Three Grand Tour CPacerHunterton Farm
685Thrills N ChillsWestern VintageJus' Chilln OutCPacerWhite Birch
754Time To Dance A Rocknroll Dance Mystical Gypsy CPacerHunterton Farm
192Tourist Attraction Kadabra World Tour CTrotterHunterton Farm
149TrixarTrixtonSpice QueenCTrotterHeritage Hill
56Twist The TaleCaptaintreacherousDragon's TaleCPacerWhite Birch
270Tymal Conabra Kadabra Conway Connie CTrotterHunterton Farm
758Tymal Gabriel Archangel Tymal Independence CTrotterHunterton Farm
672Tymal Illhavewings Archangel I'll Wait For You CTrotterHunterton Farm
323Uf Hot DealCredit WinnerUp Front HotseyCTrotterPreferred Equine
757UltramaticWell SaidNative DaughterCPacerWalnridge Farm
332UnthinkableArt MajorIn Deep ThoughtCPacerWalnridge Farm
493U Said WhatWell SaidSymphony In MotionCPacerNorthwood Bloodstock
152Vanilla MaltedSweet LouSun N MoonCPacerFair Winds
585Velvet CreditCredit WinnerVelvet's Katie BugCTrotterHeritage Hill
140ViceArt MajorShot Togo BluechipCPacerCrawford
251WesternerWestern IdealCaitlin QCPacerFair Winds
696What Matters DevieExplosive MatterWin DoctorCTrotterJoie De Vie
394Wild Wild Western Western Ideal Caila Fra CPacerAll American
217WinesapDonato HanoverApple PlushCTrotterWalnridge Farm
230Wordsmith Well Said Barefoot Beauty CPacerHunterton Farm
331World On EdgeRoll With JoeInanotherworldCPacerWhite Birch
667Wuzzup MartyRock N Roll HeavenDarbie's Destiny CPacerBlue Chip
404Zepplin To HeavenRock N Roll HeavenMy Little DragonCPacerWhite Birch