Harrisburg Sale 2018

849Ab'sattitudexpress Trixton Abbie'sgotattitude FTrotterWalnridge Farm
203AirspaceShadow PlayBreatheFPacerHeritage Hill
416Alexa Blue Chip Muscle Mass Stirling Colleen FTrotterBlue Chip
667Alexa's QueenRoll With JoeMichelle's VictoryFPacerHeritage Hill
657Alfie De Vie Credit Winner Mariah De Vie FTrotterJoie De Vie
342AlicornBettor's DelightMythicalFPacerWhite Birch
337All In Fun Captaintreacherous Ms Malicious FPacerFair Winds
126Alpha Flight Captaintreacherous Shake That Junk FPacerFair Winds
195Alyvia Deo Trixton Blue Yonder FTrotterDeo Volente
811American In London American Ideal Terrific Tara FPacerFair Winds
171Asanti Alice Somebeachsomewhere Ask Alice FPacerWalnridge Farm
670Baby Donut Andover Hall Miss Gertrude FTrotterWalnridge Farm
800Bellissima De Vie Muscle Massive Southwind Sydney FTrotterJoie De Vie
514Bet On Talia Art Major Bet On Hill FPacerWalnridge Farm
755Better Get Going Bettor's Delight R Reva Raye FPacerFair Winds
697Bird DogArt MajorBarks Like A DogFPacerHeritage Hill
211Brittany Blue Chip Credit Winner Cantata FTrotterBlue Chip
15Brooklyn Blue Chip Credit Winner Can Can Frisco FTrotterBlue Chip
139Bucharest American Ideal Sun N Moon FPacerFair Winds
584Built On Purpose Sunshine Beach Flaming Diablo FPacerFair Winds
54Candy Blue Chip Chapter Seven I'll Bring Dessert FTrotterBlue Chip
434Cheek Please American Ideal Tongue In Cheek FPacerFair Winds
454Dainty DamselBettor's DelightWorld Of RockFPacerWhite Birch
244Delightful Deo Bettor's Delight Electric Fool FPacerDeo Volente
464Deolicious Mach Three World Of Her Own FPacerDeo Volente
320Devine Equine Andover Hall Marla Bar FTrotterFair Winds
552Dynamite Deo Explosive Matter Coulantine FTrotterDeo Volente
43Editors PickSomebeachsomewhereFull PictureFPacerWhite Birch
246Enduring Words Artspeak Enduring Delight FPacerWalnridge Farm
902Fast N RelentlessShadow PlayChardonayFPacerPreferred Equine
631Fitness Fiend Conway Hall Lady Marian FTrotterFair Winds
469FlotusRc RoyaltyMiss FidgetFTrotterPheasant Hill
487Git Go Captaintreacherous Twist N Clout FPacerFair Winds
242Giulietta Cantab Hall Eight Bells FTrotterWalnridge Farm
710Goddess De Vie E L Titan On Broadway De Vie FTrotterJoie De Vie
276Gypsy Ginger Artspeak Icapella Hanover FPacerPreferred Equine
170Hello Tomorrow Muscle Hill Armbro Deja Vu FTrotterFair Winds
48I Can Cancan Roll With Joe Hat Dance Hanover FPacerBlue Chip
194Ideal Dancer American Ideal Shawnee Dancer FPacerBlue Chip
608InseparableWestern TerrorHow 'bout A SmoochFPacerPheasant Hill
868I O U OneRoll With JoeInanotherworldFPacerWhite Birch
511Jackie De Vie Roll With Joe Beach Sunset FPacerJoie De Vie
746Kaizen Muscles Yankee Massive Drama FTrotterBlue Chip
289Keep Looking He's Watching Kelly's Keepsake FPacerFair Winds
638Lets Draw Art Major Lets Imagine FPacerWalnridge Farm
236LibspeakArtspeakDocdor LibbyFPacerHeritage Hill
355Little My Donato Hanover Oh Oh Its Magic FTrotterNorthwood Bloodstock
188Maiden MajorArt MajorBridesmaid HanoverFPacerHeritage Hill
450Mare Of Honor Donato Hanover Wedding Dress FTrotterWalnridge Farm
529Miss Camille Western Ideal Caitlin Q FPacerFair Winds
371Modern Mass Muscle Mass Perfect Prelude FTrotterFair Winds
356Olympic Glory Chapter Seven Olympics FTrotterFair Winds
565Perth Angel De Vie Explosive Matter Dream Angel FTrotterJoie De Vie
614Pure EssenceWestern IdealMy Little ArtistFPacerWhite Birch
145QueentrixTrixtonThe Ice QueenFTrotterHeritage Hill
82Quimby Explosive Matter Louise Kemp FTrotterWalnridge Farm
89Rachnid Blue Chip Andover Hall Make It Blue Chip FTrotterBlue Chip
660Rapunzel Blue Chip American Ideal Regal Wish FPacerBlue Chip
576Raquel Blue Chip Roll With Joe Exclamation FPacerBlue Chip
65Rare Jimstone Art Major Jimmy The Terror FPacerWalnridge Farm
78Ravishing Bluechip Art Major Light Of Day FPacerBlue Chip
742Retro Blue Chip Roll With Joe Real Reflection FPacerBlue Chip
212Revocable Bluechip Sunshine Beach Capricious FPacerBlue Chip
278Risque Blue Chip Art Major Impatience FPacerBlue Chip
383Robin Blue Chip Chapter Seven Richesse Oblige S FTrotterBlue Chip
352Robmotion Bluechip Sunshine Beach Oceans Motion FPacerBlue Chip
354Roc Solid Bluechip Roll With Joe Cyber Terror FPacerBlue Chip
210RollwithjessicaRoll With JoeCall Jessica LeFPacerHeritage Hill
622Roll With Joy Roll With Joe Joyanna FPacerFair Winds
426Romance Blue Chip Roll With Joe Amora Hanover FPacerBlue Chip
125Rommie Blue Chip Art Major Shadowmisty FPacerBlue Chip
107Roomtobreathe Somebeachsomewhere Olivette Hanover FPacerWalnridge Farm
395Roulette Blue Chip Art Major Blackjack Princess FPacerBlue Chip
639Roundtree Bluechip Sunshine Beach Lillian Ford FPacerBlue Chip
415Seabreeze De Vie Sweet Lou Starofthesea Devie FPacerJoie De Vie
56Silly But Serious Captaintreacherous I Need Hotstuff FPacerFair Winds
798Sportika Sportswriter Suze Hanover FPacerWalnridge Farm
359Street ChicArt MajorOuttathisworldFPacerWhite Birch
480Sweet Allure Mach Three Sweet Hedge FPacerBlue Chip
567Sweet LibertyCantab Hall Dream That DreamFTrotterJoie De Vie
513Test My Naughty B Muscle Massive Best By Test FTrotterNorthwood Bloodstock
824Thick With ItBettor's DelightNanny WithafannyFPacerHeritage Hill
64Trixalater Trixton Jersey Strong FTrotterNorthwood Bloodstock
717TroublewatersdevieSportswriterPebblebeach De VieFPacerJoie De Vie
466Valhalla Chapter Seven Yankee Halla FTrotterBlue Chip
447Zita De Vie Credit Winner Vida De Vie FTrotterJoie De Vie
850Abbie's Mr Lincoln Explosive Matter Abigail's Dance CTrotterNorthwood Bloodstock
22American Beach BoyAmerican IdealCoco BeachCPacerMajestic View
233American MojoAmerican IdealDirty GirtyCPacerStoneview Farm
1Backstreet Romeo Cantab Hall Backstreet Hanover CTrotterWalnridge Farm
204Benny Is A JetAmerican IdealBetty And The JetsCPacerHeritage Hill
771Big Hurt Rc Royalty Shes On Fire CTrotterFair Winds
390Bo FreakshowSweet LouBet On LuckCPacerHeritage Hill
251Brady De Vie Explosive Matter Fan Favourite CTrotterJoie De Vie
152Brush Up Somebeachsomewhere Well Hello There CPacerFair Winds
671Caitlee HallConway HallMiss GibbonsCTrotterMajestic View
340Capital CometChapter SevenMyolinCTrotterFriendly Acres
240Captain's ReignCaptaintreacherousDragon's TaleCPacerWhite Birch
9Change At The Top Credit Winner Bluff CTrotterFair Winds
569Cheek This Out Art Major Duel Cheeks CPacerBlue Chip
681Diamond CallWell SaidMore DiamondsCPacerHeritage Hill
322Dominic De Vie Cantab Hall Mavis CTrotterJoie De Vie
306Do No LindyDonato HanoverLindy LandCTrotterLindy Farms
239DoubleagentmanBettor's DelightDouble CremeCPacerHeritage Hill
682Double Naught Spy Well Said Moss Blue Chip CPacerPreferred Equine
224Ds Ceaser Credit Winner Curly Top CTrotterBlue Chip
61Enough Sun Somebeachsomewhere Jated Love CPacerFair Winds
298Finnish ThisDonato HanoverLady With CreditCTrotterWhite Birch
494Follow Your Heart Rock N Roll Heaven Sunduel A CPacerBlue Chip
574Forged In FireYankee GlideEmerald SeelsterCTrotterJoie De Vie
129Full View Somebeachsomewhere Sight To See CPacerFair Winds
59GiginoCantab HallItalienne GirlCTrotterLindy Farms
222Goldin Kid Art Major Crazy Luv Bug CPacerWalnridge Farm
864HestherightstuffAmerican IdealApere HanoverCPacerHeritage Hill
128Ideal ArtilleryAmerican IdealShelliscapeCPacerHeritage Hill
328JohannSebastian K SYou And ICTrotterPheasant Hill
226Jojo Blue Chip Roll With Joe Offintothesunset CPacerBlue Chip
577LavanteAndover HallFantasy YankeeCTrotterPheasant Hill
439Level Up Art Major Apogee Hanover CPacerFair Winds
321Liffey Lad American Ideal Matt Tin Roof CPacerFair Winds
465Light Up The ParkWell SaidWhats New PussycatCPacerWhite Birch
640LindyspeakArtspeakLindy's BanditaCPacerLindy Farms
817Locked N LindyExplosive MatterGizaCTrotterLindy Farms
266Major Gravity Art Major Gravity CPacerNorthwood Bloodstock
656Malvolio Bettor's Delight Malabrigo CPacerBlue Chip
364Manhattanup No IceAndover HallPacific PhotoCTrotterPheasant Hill
81Myway De Vie Muscle Hill Lola De Vie CTrotterJoie De Vie
187Paddy All DayWestern IdealBelclareCPacerWhite Birch
403Pop The Top Donato Hanover Slightly Tipsy CTrotterWalnridge Farm
685Radiant Blue Chip Roll With Joe Incredible Beauty CPacerBlue Chip
719Rain Man Blue Chip Sunshine Beach Peppermint Patti CPacerBlue Chip
263Rambler Blue Chip Credit Winner Glowngold CTrotterBlue Chip
386Raptor Blue Chip Shadow Play Rollnback To Me CPacerBlue Chip
85Rasputin Blue Chip Bettor's Delight Lyford Cay CPacerBlue Chip
325Reagan Blue Chip American Ideal Day Blue Chip CPacerBlue Chip
163Redemptionbluechip Roll With Joe Advantest CPacerBlue Chip
397Reggae Blue Chip American Ideal Michelles Song CPacerBlue Chip
788Revenant Blue Chip American Ideal Stefani Blue Chip CPacerBlue Chip
347R Herbie Blue Chip Here Comes Herbie New Hampshire Girl CTrotterBlue Chip
42R Maddy Blue Chip American Ideal Frontierpan CPacerBlue Chip
440Robusto Blue Chip Art Major Ascending CPacerBlue Chip
661Rockin The Aces Rock N Roll Heaven Mattaroni CPacerWalnridge Farm
777Rockin The Gates Rock N Roll Heaven So Ravishing CPacerWalnridge Farm
311Rodeo Blue Chip Sweet Lou Lotsa Matzah CPacerBlue Chip
99Romanee Blue Chip Cantab Hall Munis Blue Chip CTrotterBlue Chip
231Rooney Blue Chip Trixton She's Nutz CTrotterBlue Chip
423Rukiddnme Bluechip Muscle Mass Uh Oh Its Lindy CTrotterBlue Chip
515Sea Isle City Rock N Roll Heaven Bettoronthebeach CPacerWalnridge Farm
445SkrillCredit WinnerVelvet's Katie BugCTrotterHeritage Hill
726So So De Vie American Ideal Place Your Best CPacerJoie De Vie
781Spanish BayConway HallSo WonderfulCTrotterPheasant Hill
408SpectaculousWestern IdealSomegirl SomewhereCPacerWhite Birch
763Stable Genius Archangel Seawind Pascale CTrotterFair Winds
41Stravinsky Sebastian K S Frisky Magic CTrotterWalnridge Farm
161Super Bowl Ace American Ideal Ace Of Pace CPacerBlue Chip
691Tabloid WriterSportswriterArmbro BombayCPacerWhite Birch
677Take Shape Donato Hanover Model Behavior CTrotterFair Winds
592Teixeira Trixton Gammy's Girl CTrotterBlue Chip
512The Mystic So Surreal Beachy Lady CPacerFair Winds
250Toccoa Falls Trixton Falls For You CTrotterFair Winds
11Toscanini Kadabra Bouncing Bax CTrotterWalnridge Farm
189TrickydicksonTrixtonVanity PlatesCTrotterHeritage Hill
597Tuff To Be LindyCantab HallTough Girl LindyCTrotterLindy Farms
444UhtredArt MajorSeaside RoryCPacerHeritage Hill
135Vinny De Vie Muscle Hill So You De Vie CTrotterJoie De Vie
141Wels Fargo Sweet Lou Symphony In Motion CPacerNorthwood Bloodstock
508Word OutWell SaidTwin B TiaraCPacerHeritage Hill
150Yer So Bad Roll With Joe Vanite Semalu CPacerBlue Chip