Goshen Sale 2017

74Beach RettiSo SurrealAmerittiFPacerBoxwood
28OuijaSo SurrealBon Mot FPacerBlue Chip
51Qing Qong BluechipRoll With JoeNo Lies FPacerBlue Chip
32Dueling BanjosRock N Roll HeavenSunduel A FPacerBlue Chip
54Que Sera Blue ChipRock N Roll HeavenGrace K FPacerBlue Chip
101GoMuscle MassEnd Of InnocenceCTrotterPheasant Hill
109NewyorkbluebloodCrazedFox Valley LondonCTrotterBlue Chip
115I Need AnetteConway HallTravelin DealFTrotterBoxwood
38Quagmire BluechipArt MajorMud Pie HanoverCPacerBlue Chip
40Quaker Blue ChipArt MajorRun On Luck FPacerBlue Chip
84Qwerty Blue ChipArt MajorBet Your Life CPacerBlue Chip
105Special AgentArt MajorSpecial SweetheartFPacerBlue Chip
24Qarma Blue ChipAmerican IdealCheer My Dear FPacerBlue Chip